Ceramic Injection Molding

AKRON Porcelain & Plastics Company has the advanced technology to produce Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) components. CIM is suitable for high-volume production of complex, ultra-precision ceramic parts of various sizes. With consistent mixing and forming, CIM offers superior performance characteristics of ceramics along with the ability to attain extremely tight and uniform tolerances (+/- 0.005"). Ceramics have the advantage of hardness, mechanical strength, wear-resistance and dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures, with excellent electrical insulation and dielectric properties.
Solid, "no-void" construction yields product rigidity and an opportunity for complex shape
design and diverse geometry. In fact, the more complex the shape, the more advantages
there are with CIM versus conventional compression molding. Intricate, miniature parts
can be produced affordably with a high degree of integrity.

CIM mold construction has shorter lead times and is less expensive than conventional
ceramic tooling. Little or no de-scaling on injection-molded ceramics reduces
 production turnaround and overall costs.

At Akron Porcelain & Plastics, injection molds are custom designed by our in-house
engineering department, employing CAD systems and technical expertise.
Prototyping, testing and evaluating are all integral aspects of producing the
highest integrity parts. Our various CIM formulations are well suited for
many applications including electrical, refractory and leachable investment
casting cores.