Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co
Employment Opportunities: Ceramic General Labor


REPORTS TO: Ceramic Firing Supervisor

JOB FUNCTION: Set kiln cars, perform general labor.

EDUCATION: High School Equivalent

EXPERIENCE/TRAINING: On-the-job training.


1. Stack and carry plates up to 40 lbs., may walk up to 60', plates have to be stacked while arms are at full extension.

2. Perform general clean-up work.

3. Light maintenance work.

4. Mow grass and other landscaping work.

5. Perform other duties as requested by management.


1. Ability to work in a hot environment.

2. Ability to lift weights up to 100 lbs..

3. Ability to pull skids of ware on wheels up to 2000 lbs..

4. Ability to stand and walk for 8 hours.

5. Ability to drive a towmotor.