Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co
Employment Opportunities: Plastic Process Technician


REPORTS TO: Plastic Molding Supervisor/Shift Supervisor

JOB FUNCTION: To determine that all jobs are being run to the set-up, Q.C. specifications are met; help with training as needed, help with packer run presses, set molds per set-up sheets, get necessary equipment to run jobs, monitor and record molding processes.
Keep press(es) filled with material and place molded parts into proper ware pans.

EDUCATION: High School Equivalent

EXPERIENCE/TRAINING: On-the-job training.


1. Ability to stand and / or walk (being on your feet) for eight hours.

2. Good vision, correctable with glasses.

3. Ability to align molds which weigh several hundred pounds with a die bar.

4. Ability to lift 50 lbs. - at least 10% of time - most individual parts weigh less than 1 lb.

5. Other requirements may be necessary as the job dictates.