Bottom Fill Pour Systems

Reduce pour turbulence

Achieve more consistent runs

Reduce scrap by 25%

Improve surface quality


Akron Porcelain & Plastics Company announces a breakthrough, patent-pending technology:
Bottom Fill Pour System (BFPS). BFPS is the new industry standard in the air-melt investment casting
How does it work? This new ceramic-based technology consists of a pouring system that fills conventional
molds from the bottom of the shell upward. As pouring progresses, impurities are trapped above the pour
 and defects are greatly reduced. The amount of molten metal turbulence created within the pour is
minimized through this method. Consistent fills of castings are achieved without modifying current
shell and pouring practices.

The benefits of BFPS technology are considerable. Research has confirmed that a more consistent
fill of each pour significantly reduces scrap and improves cosmetic appearance for all high-profile
castings. Scrap reductions of 25% are being traced with a test user, and commensurate savings
in total dollar costs are already being realized. BFPS yields the highest-quality, lowest-flaw castings
in the industry.. For top-dollar savings, start at the bottom with the
Bottom Fill Pour System - exclusively from AKRON.

The Bottom Fill Pour System
provides improved venting
during the pour.
This results in superior
quality and cost savings
for castings that
range in design
from simple
to complex.