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The Ideal Insulator

Ceramics are the oldest and still one of the best electrical insulators because of their stability and non-conducting properties. Highly arc and track resistant, they are dimensionally stable at elevated temperatures and will not char or burn. Chemicals, the weather, and bacteria will not affect their properties or degrade their structure.

Ceramics have a low power factor and dielectric constant that allows no cold flow during extreme thermal cycling, thus assuring  dimensional stability and rigidity. Ceramics also reduce eddy and induction current. A special vacuum process can produce a piece with low water absorption. Many of these characteristics make it desirable for micro-wave applications. Ceramics are also heat resistant. They have many applications in the foundry and refractory industries because they can withstand thermal shock, even molten metal, and still maintain their rigidity.

Ceramics are economical to use. The basic ingredients are readily available from supplies within the U.S. No international cartels control price or availability. This, coupled with comparatively low-cost dies and molds, offers an economical and practical means to fulfill most insulation requirements.

Since 1890, AKRON has custom-molded parts for wire-wound resistors, electrical distribution products, electrical connectors, insulators and bushings, foundry products, and an array of specialty parts.

Our engineers have created innovative mold designs to produce complex shapes on a mass production basis. Our production process economically produces your parts to your requirements. We are the leading supplier of glazed parts in the industry with applications in several OEM industrial segments.

AKRON Porcelain & Plastics Company has the ability to produce high-volume mechanical assemblies as a value-added addition to its molding expertise.

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