Machined Plastics

 •   When small quantity orders for prototype samples or short production runs do not justify
      construction of a production tool, our machined plastics are the best solution.

•    Standard machined tolerances are 1/2% or 0.005" per inch, with a minimum of 0.005".
      Tighter tolerances may be available depending upon the specific configuration.

•    Most thermoplastic and thermoset materials are readily machined.
        Thermoplastics: PEEK, Nylons, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyurethanes, etc.
        Thermosets: Polyesters, Vinylesters, Phenolics, Melamines, fuel cell plates, etc.

•    Machining methods include CNC milling, turning, grinding, and polishing, etc.

•    Most orders ship within two weeks.

•    Material specification sheets are available upon request.